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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does GearPods only ship US orders via ground/surface?
Many of our kits include either waterproof/windproof matches and/or solid fuel tablets, both of which are classified as hazardous or flammable materials.

Unfortunately our ecommerce software does not allow us to flag certain products as requiring special shipping and, until such time that a better solution presents itself, we reluctantly ship all orders via ground/surface. This will only add a couple of extra days to delivery.

Do you offer free shipping?
GearPods offers free USPS Ground shipping on all US orders over $99.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, GearPods ships worldwide and offers a choice between shipping via Fedex International and USPS.

What fuels are recommended for the GearPods Stove System?
We recommend Esbit Fuel Tablets that are available from GearPods and many outdoor retailers. Denatured alcohol (for use with the GearPods Burner) is available from most hardware stores.

Do GearPods fit into a bike water cage?
Water bottle cages vary in diameter (as do water bottles). While it may be possible to fit your GearPods into your existing water bottle cage, we recommend the adjustable Topeak Modula Cage. We like this cage - it's durable and provides a nice tight fit with your GearPods kits.

Does GearPods offer any courtesy pricing to public service employees?
GearPods has partnered with Leo Adventures to provide special discounts to full-time US public service employees (Federal, State and Local). This special pricing applies store-wide with an additional discount available for two GearPods multi-kit systems, GearPods Backcountry and GearPods Wilderness. For more information, please contact Leo Adventures.

My Discount Codes from Leo Adventures are not working
Contact Leo Adventures to check that the coupon codes are current. For security reasons, GearPods periodically issues Leo Adventures with new codes.